Management and Consultants often have to deal with disparate stakeholder groups. Getting common agreement is a challenge given that each stakeholder has their own mental model of how the world works – their own implicit assumption set. This often leads to mis-communication and the inability to reach common agreement.

Creating a "Value Map", a diagrammatic representation of a business system with “Value” at its epicentre, enables a group of stakeholders to form a common understanding of how their business system works. This in turn enables the group to look at alternative options for the future, and through examining these in the light of the agreed "Value Map" to reach a shared Vision of the best way forward.


Is Value Mapping of use to me and my colleagues?

Clearly yes, since Value Mapping is an essential weapon in your armoury.

It is the ideal approach to use when helping multiple stakeholders tackle a complex dynamic system because it:

  • Makes explicit the issues in play and the feedback loops in the system

  • It provides great insight into the causes of value creation and destruction

  • Is founded on stakeholder interview feedback and thus is owned by the stakeholder group

  • Enables the creation of a shared vision to move the enterprise forward

It has been proven to work across a multitude of functional areas over the past 20 years

  • IT (Fujitsu)

  • Marketing and Sales (Shell)

  • Finance (EDF)

  • Knowledge Management (BG)

  • Energy Efficiency (Retail, Silicon Chip Fabricators)

  • Climate Change (GMF)

It can provide the building block for creating a computer simulation of the challenge being addressed for management to use in their decision making:

  • By adding the mathematics behind the relationships between the issues

  • Creatng the video game visualisation to bring the simulation to life

We have been working with partners in this area for over a decade on a broad range of projects. If you would like to find out more please contact us.

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