In 2015 Peter Franklin, an expert practitioner in the science and art of Pyramid Thinking met Tas Tasgal, author and expert practitioner in the art and science of storytelling. Peter comes from the world of B2B markets, particularly the energy and utility sectors, Tas from the world of B2C markets, particularly advertising and market research.

That evening they discovered that they had both read Daniel Kahneman's book on how the human brain works.

In Daniel Kahneman's seminal book - "Thinking, Fast and Slow" the Nobel prize winning psychologist explains that we humans have two thinking mechanisms. System 2 - which is how we think we think - which is rational, logical, and conscious, and system 1 which is emotional, pattern recognising, and unconscious. Much of our actual thinking - and what drives us to actually do things is System 1 but we are unaware of it since it is unconscious in its operation

Each of them saw that they were looking at opposite sides of the coin of compelling propositions. Peter's activities in the field of Pyramid Thinking were focused on addressing System2 - the logical, conscious part of the brain (the mind of the audience). Tas's work addressed System1 the emotional, unconscious and automatic part of the brain (the heart of the audience).


The light dawned!  

They realised that by combining their approaches into a seamless integrated method that it would be possible to address both System1 and System2 simultaneously and make communications, presentations, and propositions truly compelling. The audience would believe the logic and be emotionally driven to act on it. 

By deploying the System3Thinking approach you maximise the impact of your communications:

  • In business development this translates directly into increased sales

  • In business change this translates directly into higher levels of stakeholder acceptance

So how can you deploy the Systems3Thinking approach?

The answer is you work through the integrated and seamless structured methodology that Peter and Tas have developed which uses Pyramid Thinking as building block for creating the compelling logic, and Storytelling to translate this into a communication that creates the emotional driver.

So how can you bring the Systems3Thinking capability to your team?

There are multiple pathways:

  • Working together on a real bid or change programme to create the compelling proposition together drawing on both the structured method and the expert practitioner experience we can bring

  • Mentoring and coaching - face to face and/or web based seminars

  • Workshops and red-teaming to guide you through the process on a real bid or change project

  • Face to face training - a mix of classroom and case study work to transfer the theory and give participants the chance to put it into practice on the day

  • Webinar based training - effective, time and cost saving - particularly appropriate for geographically dispersed teams

  • Helping you design your own in-house training 

Get in touch now for a no obligation discussion on how we could give you the Systems3Thinking capability to drive your success.

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