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Pyramid Thinking Plus - face to face or e-learning which is best for you?

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

If you are looking at this article you are obviously interested in the benefits that Pyramid Thinking Plus can bring to you and your colleagues. Whilst you can see advantages you would like to know how you can bring the capability on-board.

You may have people you want trained in the discipline all in one place, or they may dispersed across the country or internationally. Indeed , you may have a mix.

So how can I make sure everyone gets a good grounding in Pyramid Thinking Plus?

Whichever is your situation you can ensure your staff get a good grounding in the approach and a chance to put it into practice by pick and mixing from our two training modes.

If you have everyone in one place we can deliver a face to face course which combines theory and practice;

  • 8-10 delegates taught by 1 or 2 facilitators for one day

  • Facilitators are expert practitioners

  • 50% theory of Pyramid Thinking Plus

  • 50% practice through group work based on a case study tailored to your needs.

If you are dispersed we can deliver a web tutored e-learning solution that also combines theory and practice;

  • 3-5 delegates per course

  • 1 or 2 tutors who are themselves expert practitioners

  • Briefing Tutorial (30 mins)

  • Theory covered in self-study modules using short videos

  • Learning measured through survey

  • Case studies completed off line and reviewed in 2x 45-60 minute tutorials.

If you have a mix of circumstances, you can mix and match and still achieve a consistency of learning and capability

  • Both the face to face and e-learning options draw on the same proven material

  • Both solutions give participants the chance to put the theory into practice

  • Both solutions use expert practitioner tutors

Contact us to discuss the best pick and mix solution for you.

Email or phone us on 020 8780 3313 (+44 20 8780 3313)

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