We have been delivering face to face training in Pyramid Thinking Plus (PTP) for over a decade. Usually we deliver this for a particular organisation either on-site or at a local venue. We have also delivered public courses.

Last year we took the face to face training and adapted it so it works in a multi-industry e-learning environment.

Our course runs on an international learning management system (LMS) used by companies large and small on a global basis. The LMS both tracks participant progress through the course and has a private social media channel for participants to raise questions and leave comments for course tutors.

The core e-learning course comprises 10 modules of 10-40 minutes duration comprising videos, information sheets, and quizzes together with a 45 minute 1 to 1 web based tutorial with the course tutor during which the delegate runs through the Pyramid logic template they have created for their own communication during the course.

Additional optional modules are available on creating compelling proposals using PTP logics, and creating compelling presentations using PTP logics.

You may however want to run the program on your own learning management system, since your users will be familiar with accessing their training through it. We have all the building blocks needed to quickly port our course onto your platform and tailor it to your specific needs. 

If you are interested what should you do next?

Register your interest in PTP e-learning with us.

This is because registering will:

1. Give you free access to the course introduction and  module 1 videos to give you a good overview of the course rationale and its building blocks. (Once we receive your registration details we will send you links)

2. Give you the opportunity to have a free, no obligation discussion on your specific needs for PTP training so we can put together the best implementation plan for you.

3. Enable you to take the first step on the road to better and more effective communications

You can see the pricing for individual access to the learning platform, the core course, and the optional modules by clicking on the payment option in the Courses menu or by clicking here

If you are looking to have access for your team or company, either on our platform, or on yours, please contact us so we can agree a package which meets your needs. Please note all prices shown include VAT as appropriate, and you will note there are substantial discounts for students/teachers.

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