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We have been delivering face to face training in Pyramid Thinking Plus for over a decade. Usually we deliver this for a particular organisation either on-site or at a local venue. We have also delivered public courses.

Each course has 8-12 delegates who are taken through the theory of Pyramid Thinking Plus and work through a case study in syndicate groups which gives them practical experience of deploying the approach. 

Ideally, delegates are then given the chance to work on their own communication which they review 1 to 1 with their trainer in a 45 minute tutorial the day after.

Register your interest today:


  • We will then send you a set of course summary slides so you can evaluate the course content and style

  • We can then discuss how best to tailor the course to the needs of your organisation

  • You will then have created the option for your staff to increase their value to both your organisation and themselves because following the course they will:

    • be conversant with the theory of Pyramid Thinking Plus

    • have put it into practice for their own communication

    • be ready to adopt the approach to improve the effectiveness of all their communications

We also offer a one-day "Managing using Pyramid Thinking course" which is for managers who have reporting staff who need to deploy the approach. Through a combination of classroom learning and role play we train managers to make sure the approach becomes business as usual through deploying some basis questions routinely, and giving them a structure for, and tutored experience of mentoring staff logic templates.


We have taken the face to face training and adapted it so it works in a multi-industry e-learning environment.

Our course runs on an international learning management system (LMS) used by companies large and small on a global basis. The LMS both tracks participant progress through the course and has a private social media channel for participants to raise questions and leave comments for course tutors.

The course comprises 10 modules of 10-40 minutes duration comprising videos, information sheets, and quizzes together with a 45 minute 1 to 1 web based tutorial with the course tutor during which the delegate runs through the Pyramid logic template they have created for their own communication during the course.

If you are interested what should you do next?

Register with us for e-learning 

  1. Once registered we can give you a link to the module 1 training video so you can get a course overview.

  2. Once you have satisfied yourself that the course is suitable for you you can then accept the course fees (see pricing below) and access the remaining 9 modules and 1 to 1 web based tutorial

  3. Once you have completed the course you will:

    • be conversant with the theory of Pyramid Thinking Plus

    • have put it into practice for your own communication

    • be ready to adopt the approach to improve the effectiveness of all your communications

Additional optional modules are in production covering creating compelling proposals and presentations using Pyramid logic, and managing teams using Pyramid Thinking.

Please note the e-learning course by its nature is suitable for both organisations and individuals with an interest in learning the Pyramid Thinking Plus approach.

Train the Trainer

This is the most bespoke area of training, since every organisation's needs are different. However the building blocks are always the same:

  • Creating an organisation specific case study and tailoring the materials as necessary

  • Delivering courses to delegates. At first with the trainers as on-lookers or participants, and then delivered jointly by trainers and ourselves, and finally delivered by trainers with us as coaches.

  • Participating in, learning to run, and then running 1 to 1 mentoring sessions.

  • Program review - at key stages and at the end

If you are looking to bring Pyramid Thinking Plus into your organisation's DNA get in touch with us so you can create a core set of trainers to roll-out the approach rather than relying on third party training support. Although you may like to supplement your in-house team with external support as well.

We would also be happy to port our e-learning program on to your own in-house learning system, and train your trainers in mentoring participants on logic template creation. 

Register your interest with us today.


Whilst prices are client specific the examples below give a good indication of the costs involved in learning Pyramid Thinking Plus with us:

A Face to face course for 10 delegates in your offices. Includes one day of classroom training and one day of 1 to 1 tutorials. Professional fees would be £4,950 plus VAT and expenses. This works out at £495 per delegate.

Discounts are available for multiple course programmes, please contact us to discuss.

Our e-learning program has a price for professional delegates, and a concession price for students/teachers.


These are:

  • Professional course fee: £295 plus VAT

  • Teachers/Students: £195 plus VAT

This comprises 10 e-learning  modules and a 45 minute web based 1 to 1 tutorial. Course tasters are available for free before committing to the program (see e-learning above).

In the case of organisations we offer discounts based on the number of people who pass through the course in a quarter. Please contact us for details.

Pricing for the optional "Proposal & Presentation creation" and "Managing Teams using " modules will be announced in due course.


These should however only be taken after completing the core Pyramid Thinking Plus course.

Please note that you have one month from the start of your training program to complete the core module and any optional modules. If you need to extend this period please contact us and we can arrange this. However, there is a charge of £20 per month plus VAT to cover platform costs and administration. 

A Train the Trainer program for 3 trainers lasting 12 days could comprise 4 Face to Face courses including tutorial days and 4 days training support (materials development, feedback, and coaching). This would be charges at £4,950 per course (inc tutorial day) plus 4 days of support at £1,350 per day. 


Total professional fees would be £25,200 plus VAT and expenses.This equates to £8,400 per trainer.

In addition the organisation would need to purchase a licence to use the course materials for training purposes. The cost of this reflects our notional lost training income, and a recognition that the overall cost needs to make good sense to the purchasing organisation. In the case above the licence fee might be agreed at £4000 per year and sold as a licence in perpetuity charged at 5 years fee i.e. £20,000.

This would give a total cost of £45,200 or £15,067 per trainer plus VAT and expenses.

Given the cost of each two day training event is £4,950 it can be seen that the investment in training the trainer is recovered in just three course deliveries.

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