Our aim is enable you to both tackle the challenge facing you and to leave you with the skill sets to manage these challenges in the future.

We can achieve this by working face to face with you, or virtually via web meetings - which have been proven to be effective, time saving, and low cost for geographically dispersed individuals.

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Set us the problem and we can bring you back the solution because we have a wealth of tools and experience to draw on. Our preferred approach is to work with you as part of your team, jointly taking on the challenge and ensuring knowledge transfer from us to you. In this way we deliver double the value - solving the problem and strengthening your organisation. 

Mentoring and coaching

We can guide you and your team through the application of our toolkit to the problem at hand. Rather than being at the forefront as we would be in a consultancy style assignment we would take a more backroom role supporting and challenging the work of your team. 


We have ready made training course on System3Thinking, Pyramid Thinking, Storytelling, and Value Mapping. We have been delivering courses on Pyramid Thinking for over 15 years now, Value Mapping for a couple of years, and of course System3Thinking is a recent development - but its component parts have been part of our staple training diet for over a decade. Tas Tasgal has been lecturing on Storytelling for over a decade. We could also work with you to design you own in-house training programme.

A tailor-made program

Every organisation is different - there is no one size fits all. You will get maximum value by defining a program of interaction which comprises a mix of the above. Please contact us for a no obligation conversation on what the shape of an appropriate program would be for you. Some example programnmes are shown below:


One day training course at your location followed by a few hours web meeting based mentoring to help attendees apply what they have learnt to a real presentation, proposal, or report they are working on.

or e-learning webinars with additional one to one mentoring support delivered over the web

Training & Mentoring
Bid Support

Act as independent "red team" reviewing your bid team's proposal and presentation.


Feedback on both the structure and proposition of the bid with ideas on how the proposal could be made more compelling. To do this we apply our track record of using the logic of Pyramid Thinking, and/or the emotional pull of Storytelling - in combination System3Thinking.

Change support


Change team workshop going through the theory of Systems3Thinking and applying it to the business tranformation programme being undertaken.


This provides both the content and structure of the transformation rationale thus maximising the acceptance of the change programme by stakeholders, as well as transferring the competency to your team.

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