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For over 15 years we have been delivering Pyramid Thinking Plus courses face to face to organisations in a wide variety of industries. Typically, we train groups of 8-12 participants in why and how to use a Pyramid Thinking Plus logic template to create truly compelling communications. These can be proposals, reports, business cases, or even important emails.

Over the last couple of years we have also been training trainers in the discipline so they can then roll it out across their organisations.

I am pleased to announce that in the second half of last year we invested a lot of time and effort in re-building the course for an e-learning platform. Whilst the theory content has not changed substantially, the work exercises have been completely re-designed to deliver maximum benefit in a self-learning situation. It is worth noting that following feedback from face to face courses we have also built in a 1-to-1 tutorial with an expert practitioner to help embed the learning and address any specific questions any individual may have.

So should you need Pyramid Thinking Plus training to enable you - or your staff to bring their stakeholders along with them more effectively you can tailor make a program to suit you - picking from face to face training, train the trainer, and now e-learning.

So if you are interested in becoming more proficient in effective communications get in touch.

Bringing your stakeholders with you will result in increased sales, more regulatory approvals, more approved business cases, and greater employee satisfaction - whichever training path you choose.

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  • Peter Franklin

Do you work in the field of technology?

Either information technology or engineering (the former arguably a subset of the latter).

As a provider of products or services, or as a consultant.

If yes – READ ON!

You and your organisation may be victims of the Technology Trap.

Apply a critical eye to your web site, your marketing collateral, your proposals, and your internal business cases.

What do they talk about?

What your products and services do, who has used them, your capabilities, your technical and technological excellence, your high levels of innovation, your achievements? If so, you are a victim of the Technology Trap. You have become so fixated on your own technology that you focus on what you do – not on what your audience wants. It is extraordinary how many businesses fall into it.

Beating the Technology Trap

People buy “Benefits” not “Characteristics”. What you and your products and services can do are the things which enable the creation of value for your customers or clients. The Value that they derive from their deployment is the “Benefit” they get.

You may believe that understanding the “Benefits” is self-evident once you have exposed the quality of the “Characteristics” you bring to the table. However, the link may not be clear to your audience. If you don’t do the translation for your audience, they may not make the connection, and you may fail to convince them.

So how can you make sure your communications explain the “Benefits” and thus maximise buy-in to your propositions?

The answer is simple – focus on “Benefits” and the logic of why, or how, the “Characteristics” you bring enable them. This is called the Pyramid Thinking Plus Approach.

Using it will:

• Ensure your audience sees the “Benefits” case – the focus of your communication

• Enable your audience to buy-in to the “Benefits” case – since they can see the logical link between it and the underpinning “Characteristics”

• Help your audience assimilate your proposition since the logic structure is designed to make it easy for the human brain to process by not overtaxing working memory

• Deliver results for you and your organisation. I learned the approach at the turn of the millennium and use it in all important professional communications. It clearly delivers much better buy-in. The success of the approach has led to its adoption by leading consultancies and corporates worldwide

So what should you do to avoid the Technology Trap?

Well step one is Google “Pyramid Thinking Plus” and find out some more about the approach. Once you have done that – learn more about it, use it, and then enjoy the success it will bring you.

  • Peter Franklin

If you are not a theoretical physicist – fear not.

This book is written in accessible English and is a true page turner.

Whether you are interested in the beginning of the universe, or mankind’s chance of survival given our military capability, our capability to change the climate for the worse, and the inevitability that our planet will cease to be habitable when the sun goes supernova (albeit in the very distant future) then this is a book for you.

The science in the book is approachable tackling the theories of gravitational waves at the cosmological level to the sub-atomic world of quantum physics. However, done with a use of language which makes sense to a layman such as myself.

Stephen Hawking tackles 10 fundamental questions through 10 chapters all pulled together in the final chapter of his own life.

He now rests in fitting company between Newton and Darwin in Westminster Abbey – and this book is a testament to his position as a scientific thought leader.

Read it – I can assure you that you will find it fascinating.


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