You, like us, are probably now finding your way to operate in the "new normal"


Whether you are in the business of getting clients/customers to buy your products and/or services, or whether you need to get your message across and accepted by internal and external stakeholders we can enable you to make your propositions truly compelling.


Whether you are working from your office, or from home. Whether your interactions are face to face, or virtual. The principles of effective communications do not change. 

The Pyramid Thinking Plus (PTP)  approach, that you can easily learn, will enable you to be much more effective - not only now - but also in the "new normal".

If you are new to working from home we have pulled together some useful resources for you. These include briefings on our own experiences of home working and links to software and other support documents. Take a look by clicking here.

Communications Effectiveness Assessment

How good do you think you are at communicating effectively? 

Complete our  Pyramid Thinking Plus based assessment questionnaire - just 7 questions - and get your free personalised assessment report.


The questions and the report are built on our experience of teaching the Pyramid Thinking Plus approach for more than a decade. 

Try it and see how you score.


Compelling Propositions is a Pyramid Thinking Plus training business founded by Peter Franklin.


Peter has a wealth of experience in deploying the Pyramid Thinking Plus thinking approach in both his senior managerial and his consulting careers. 


He is an expert practitioner in the science and art of Pyramid Thinking Plus, sometimes called Top-Down Thinking, which in a business development context will significantly raise your win rates, and in a stakeholder engagement context will increase your proposition acceptance rates

We are also experts at working from home - so given the circumstances we all find ourselves in, we have pulled together some useful tips and links for you. Click on the button below to find out more.



We have been teaching Pyramid Thinking Plus (PTP) for over 15 years. To organisations large and small in the UK and internationally.


Primarily this has involved Face to Face training with groups of 8-12 participants. Although in recent years thus has been supplemented by web based training.


Last year we took our face to face course and transformed into an e-learning programme. 


We recognise that the Corona outbreak has made Face to Face training non-viable.   

Indeed, many organisations have accelerated their move to on-line training as a response to the new world.


So if you would like to offer Pyramid Thinking Plus Training on your own learning platform we have all the building blocks you need.

Alternatively, if you would like to access the training on our platform, it is available to you now. This can  on an individual basis or for a team or company.

Our goal is your success - enabling you to communicate effectively

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