Our goal is your success 


Success comes from being able to find solutions, and convincing others to adopt them.

Whether you are working with your own team trying to find a way of building your business, or whether you are engaging with customers and prospect’s, the core of your activity is finding solutions, and convincing others to adopt them


The challenge we are all grappling with now is how to do this effectively in the on-line world, or the hybrid face to face and on-line world.

You can have the best of both worlds by having us work with you.

This is because:

  • You can draw on many years of experience of delivering facilitation and training both off-line and on-line.

  • You will  make best use of the off-line or on-line environment. We do not simply move the off-line experience on-line  - we design it for the world it is being delivered in.

  • You will find the process, whether off-line or on-line, of finding solutions engaging, enjoyable and rewarding.

  • You can learn Pyramid Thinking either face to face or through e-learning.

Peter Franklin


Compelling Propositions is a training and facilitation business founded by myself, Peter Franklin.

My colleagues and I we have a wealth of experience of deploying strategic thinking, and strategic communication principles in our managerial and consulting careers.

Through Compelling Propositions we work with clients to enable them to deploy the strategic thinking and communication approaches themselves.


This is done through a mix of training and facilitation.

We have delivered our services face to face as well as on-line – enabling national and international reach.

With many years of working from home, or on client site – we are ideally placed to help your team achieve maximum effectiveness in the new world.  



All our approaches have been proven through years of practice.

Our most used approach is Pyramid Thinking Plus – which we use ourselves in everything we do. This enables you construct a compelling logic for your argument and translate that into a document or presentation.


Whether you are involved in business development or convincing stakeholders - whether you are involved in creating, proposals, presentations, reports or even important emails Pyramid Thinking Plus is an essential part of your armoury. 

It uses a set of rules aligned to how the human brain works which ensures it is easily bought into by the audience. We have been delivering face to face training in this for over 15 years, and on-line for nearly five.

In addition, if you are grappling with a complex business system where each participant in the debate only sees part of the picture, you need a way to achieve a shared vision across the team. We can bring you Value Mapping to achieve this.

If you are looking to identify the universe of opportunity and select the best option we can bring you PP/CC mapping.

If you trying to puzzle out what do facing an uncertain future – we can bring you scenario planning.

If you have a problem that your team needs to address give us a call and we will happily give you our views on how you can best move forward. No cost and no obligation.

Compelling Propositions

(Pyramid Thinking Plus)

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